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Thoughts of khloe not being a 'kardashian'? People realize we dont just get our genes from both parents? I mean i got my height and eye colour from my great grandpa and my curly hair from my grandmother. Khloe is paler because she obviously got more of kris's genes. Farkkkkk.


Seriously, I think it’s so stupid of people to assume that just because she doesn’t look like her other siblings as much she must have a different parent. I agree that she clearly got more of Kris’ genes than her father’s. You can really tell when you look at the girls’ cousin, Natalie. She’s Kris’ sister’s daughter and she looks like she could be Khloé younger sister even more so than anyone else in the family. Khloé also has greenish-brown eyes which are the same color as her paternal grandmother’s (Robert Kardashian’s mom was pale with green eyes). No matter what, Khloé will always be a Kardashian. Robert Kardashian raised her, loved her, and was her father in all the ways that matter :)


She is so beautiful

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